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Golf Programs

Our Strategy to create ELITE Golfers

Our unique development strategy helps to develop and target our junior golfers as they progress in their journeys. Our program starts at an Experimental level to introduce the game in a fun interactive setting. The next level is our Foundational Program to focus on playing on-course to help build the skillsets for successful golf. Our Premier Program prepares the players for on-course management and learning to practice with a purpose. Finally, our ELITE Program is positioned for competitive high school golfers with aspirations to play at the college ranks.

ELITE Golf Program

The ELITE Program is focused on exceptional players who have aspirations to play high school golf and beyond competitively. We focus on playing under pressure and in competitive context and state tournaments. Each player is coached individually with a mix of group and 1 on 1 sessions to address individual goals. Personal strength, speed and mobility training is required and a committed attitude to practice and hard work. This is a 10 month program that runs from January through October. All ELITE team members receive a personalized bag and Scott Yopchick Golf Academy team gear. For more information please reach out to


Premier Golf Program

The Premier Program is designed to continue the development from the Foundational Program. This 6 month program runs from May through October. Players are expected to be ready for tournament play and coaching is targeted to help players practice with purpose. Team receives an SY hat and play interplay matches against peers at Wilmette Golf Club.


Foundation Programs

Our Foundational Program is focused on developing players who have graduated from our experimental program that have grown a love for the game. This program runs from May through August. We prefer the players have had some exposure to golf and is focused on group practices and competition amongst their peers. Players are expected to have their own equipment. For more information please contact the Wilmette Park District

Experimental Programs

The Experimental Program is focused on introducing golf in a fun and interactive way. Players will learn competition through games and understand etiquette when around the range and other players. This is a summer program that runs from May through August and is also managed by the Wilmette Park District. 

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